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G-rex and Sully recruit The Arcturians for ‘How Much Further’ on Wakaan

The track's vocals present a message of unity that we can come together and save our future.

G-REX and Sully teamed up once again in their latest, more melodic drop, How Much Further. This time, vocals are from legendary dark bass trio The Arcturians, rounding out the latest melodic bop on Wakaan Records.

After the release of their first track off the EP, Back It Up, this latest song represents G-REX and Sully's graceful collaboration chemistry and gives listeners an exciting peek for what's to come. The full EP drops on Wakaan on later this fall.

The Arcturians are known for ominous vocals paired with dark melodies, which are both elements that stand out in this latest track. G-REX has been in the scene since 2015 and is known for his staple tracks on Wakaan such as Babatunde with PEEKABOO and Cold Case with Champagne Drip that dropped earlier this year. Sully is no stranger to Wakaan, with previous releases such as Duck Hummus and Clique.

How Much Further's staccato notes complement the atmospheric synths and dazzling vocals. The track's build-up leads towards two bass-fueled drops that are equipped with deep, filthy oscillations.

The vocals have a deep meaning that correlates with our current position as humans, said Alicia from The Arcturians.

“The meaning of the lyrics can be different for everyone, but to me it is about how the world is clearly changing in front of our eyes with all these negative things that are happening to the earth, the animals and us," Alicia said. "It is so exhausting to see all this pain and suffering.”

Alicia said she has hope that the world will become united again and focus on positivity, rather than divisions.

G-REX and Sully went back and forth on a few concepts when they first decided to start working together. Sully initially started How Much Further, then sent it off to G-REX.

"We had a weekend writing session up on northern Michigan where we wrapped up most of the EP together before sending this track to The Arcturians for vocals," G-REX said. "They had them super fast and absolutely killed it. This is the most feelsy track that we have on the EP, but definitely still has elements of both of our signature sounds.”

According to Sully, both he and G-REX thought it would be great to incorporate a track that was bit more melodic. He said he wrote the intro and breakdowns for the track during a mentor session last year around Thanksgiving. Right then, he knew it would be a perfect fit for the EP.

"G-REX and I came together shortly after to flush out the drop ideas and the only thing left was to find a vocalist," Sully said. "We sent it over to The Arcturians and within a few days, we had the finished product.”

Alicia offered an optimistic take on our future, with the hope that we can turn the dismay around and live in peace with one another again.

"It's not too late to change for the better," she said. "We can find a way to raise our vibrations to lift each other up.”

The FBI team loves the message behind this track and hopes to see it unite our community into a more positive state. If you want to catch either G-REX or Sully anywhere soon, here’s where you can:

G-REX upcoming tour dates:

  • September 18th at Imagine Music Festival in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia

  • October 29th at Bass Country Halloween at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Sully upcoming tour dates:

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