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Gates of Malice Have Reopened this Halloween with Crowsnest Audio’s Compilation ‘Elite V’

INHUMAN and friends have made a return with a 16-track compilation on Crowsnest Audio, making it their scariest yet.

The darkness has arrived this Halloween with the heavy-hitting Elite V exclusively on Crowsnest Audio. Claimed to be one of the top compilations of the year, the pioneer of Crowsnest, INHUMAN, was accompanied by MUERTE, Facesplit, Sadhu, Qoiet, OMAS, Barocka, and others, to produce a malicious masterpiece.

This group contributed several elements of bass music, featuring Dubstep, Riddim, Drum and Bass, Trap, Melodic, and more, unveiling a dystopian takeover.

For those who feed off of darkness, this compilation was specially curated for you. Dare to head down into the ABYSS by IBEX where eerie screeches and knocking basses are calling in.

You are then greeted by a ferocious Riddim roar with ELDRITCH by INHUMAN and MUERTE. This track sets the tone for the entire compilation, being ruthless as it is.

INHUMAN states,

“This collaboration project between me and Muerte has been in the talks for a few years now. For the upcoming Crowsnest Elite V compilation we finally decided to effectuate this long growing Idea to deliver the true definition of Occult Dance Music. This song combines the dark sound design and ruthless execution of Muerte and the perfectionism and quality of INHUMAN into a bone shattering mix of ruthless bass.”

Sanity Check by Barocka gets your head banging, having to question your sanity. Your worst nightmare then comes to life with sharpening deep-cut tracks like P.O.W. by Superwet, Trial of Pain by Facesplit, Machinery by Akira Khan, Headcrab by Eugene, System Overdrive by Bad Proxy, Reality by Misfit and White Eyes, and SADMAN by Sadhu and IMAN.

To ease the horror, OMAS and Octobit seize the day with melancholic, experimental Dream of Me feat. Dani King. Charming us all, OMAS and Octobit were proud to bring a sentimental feeling to this track.

OMAS has a few words to say for this track,

"Dream Of Me is a musical journey that I envisioned as an orchestral soundscape intertwined with heavier bass elements. I really wanted to tell a story with this one. Working with Octobit is always a pleasure and he always has such unique sound design that really brought the 2nd drop to life. Dani King, as you guys know I work with constantly, recorded a perfect phrase that brought the theme of the tune together as a whole!”

Whether you’re here for a fright or here to dream on, Elite V has it all. After putting out a heating compilation, Torture Torn, this past summer, Crowsnest Audio in on a roll with another accomplishing compilation.



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