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FBI PREMIERE: GAWM and Eater release highly anticipated collab 'Zombie Walk' on Quality Goods

The track is a strong follow up to GAWM and Eater's first collab, "Machine Gun" and is more than what fans expected.

The two producers are both known for their signature trappy sounds and that signature sound was on full display in this collab.

The intro starts with a news broadcaster talking about a virus and builds some tension into the buildup. That tension is released with a swift "turn it up" as the drop kicks in and we see the full range of what these two have to offer. We get booming kicks and huge basses throughout before second drop kicks in and the flow switches up with some face-melting sustains.

The two released their first collab in 2020 and GAWM said it was the most support he had ever gotten on a track.

"The last time Eater and I got on a track together, we got the most support I've ever gotten on a track. The track was called 'Machine Gun' and it was in the tour sets of NGHTMRE, ATLiens, Excision, and SLANDER. People have been anticipating another collaboration from Eater and myself for quite some time now."

This collab will drop on the 'QGRC-006' compliation and will be available to stream on all platforms on January 20th. PRE-SAVE HERE!

We will be Zombie Walking along with GAWM and Eater until further notice.


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