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Guerro unleashes menacing bass with 'Ominous' EP

From tearout to DnB, Guerro masterfully creates a multi-genre EP that'll be sure to have rabid listeners foaming at the mouth.

Pulling no punches, Guerro's new EP explores multiple styles while maintaining his signature sound. With support from artists such as DJ Diesel Shaquille O'Neal and Excision, 'Ominous' has already proven to be a powerhouse in the dubstep scene. With four unique tracks, Guerro has outdone himself in spectacular fashion.

The EP itself has a broad range of bass styles created by the man. While each track is different from the next, each one is instantly recognizable as a Guerro track and stays true to the core sound he has become known for.

Once detained, Guerro revealed the process of creating the 'Ominous' EP: "After I graduated college in late 2021 I wanted to take some time off to really work on my songwriting and production skills. This resulted into me writing a bunch of new songs in a short timespan and gave me a boost of confidence and pride, which I felt the GUERRO project was due for."

With multiple fantastic releases this year already under his belt, Guerro continues to impress us and gain our attention. With this new evolution of sound, we can only imagine how far he'll go. Guerro will continue to be under investigation as we're sure this is just the beginning.

The 'Ominous' EP can now be streamed on Guerro's Spotify and all other streaming services.


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