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Herobust shows how he is 'Built Different' with latest release on Deadbeats

Listening to this one is what chewing Five gum feels like.

Dubstep and trap legend Herobust is back again to add yet another banger to his arsenal of heaters from 2023. This one, Built Different is out now on Deadbeats.

Ever since his debut in 2011, Herobust has been pushing the boundaries of trap and heavy dubstep. This record is no different. Whether it be the sustain basses, the glitchy fills or the metallic sounds throughout, this song is a clinic in showing off what has made the producer so sought after the last 12 years.

Built Different starts off with some signature 808 kicks and trap snares to let us know what kind of track this will be. However, the drop takes the record a direction that surprised us a little bit.

While we are used to the massive trappy sounds from Herobust, this one takes a little bit different approach. Rather than have a drop with massive elements, this one is understated a little bit more, focusing on the percussive elements throughout rather than the more prominent stabs found throughout the don's discography. However, to add some energy to the mix, we get a gnarly sustain bass behind both drops with laser sounds sprinkled throughout to add some variation to the drops.

While you can still hear many of the old festival trap influences throughout, this one is closer in sound to Herobust releases this year such as Catchin a Vibe or Fragga with fellow dubstep legend Spag Heddy.

The new era of Herobust is here, and we have our popcorn ready to see what is coming next. We have our popcorn ready.

Stay tuned for further investigations into Herobust.


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