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Hi I'm Ghost and Emorfik summon spooky wubs with 'Poltergeist'

Combining the styles of Hi I'm Ghost and Emorfik, Poltergeist summons high knees and banging heads with massive drops and thundering bass.

After meeting on Tik Tok, Hi I'm Ghost and Emorfik combined their distinctive styles of "keeping it spooky" and "angry shit only" into a track that channels an angry ghost, aka a poltergeist.

The collab between the two rising artists was inevitable, and it is the perfect blend of their original sounds. Emorfik spilled the details on the creative process behind the collaboration.

"I’ve actually been a huge fan of Hi I’m Ghost for a while. 'Death Rail' gave me so many ideas when it was released, and it’s been a goal to create a masterpiece like that." Emorfik said. "I’m so glad we were able to connect and create a song together, and I am definitely looking forward to releasing more together in the future.”

As Hi I'm Ghost and Emorfik both continue to put out tracks that push boundaries, their collab is just the latest step forward in their musical journey. With a passion for creating music, Poltergeist is just their latest musical endeavor, with much more to come.

Poltergeist is now streaming on all major platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud.


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