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Ipsiom showcases hybrid twists with latest 'Diamond Dust' EP

After inciting melodic mayhem on #RiotControlRadio, Ipsiom continues to offer a unique take on the lucid sub-genres of bass music

The Filthy Beat Inspectors are always listening and on the look out for the latest heavy-hitting beats in the bass music community. Recently, the walls of our Melodic Dubstep Division have been housing agents who are always on the lookout for something more...something different. This time around, however, we were painted an artistic vision from a familiar face.

Previously we've had Ipsiom grace our decks for an absolute monster mix and he's been nothing short of a pleasure to work with! When the Melodic Dubstep Division got word of a new EP to be released, we couldn't wait to abuse our eardrums with it. Recently released on Railbreakers, Diamond Dust has exceeded all expectations.

With all four tracks added to our most recent Melodic Dubstep Investigations playlist update, we dove in for some further inspection down below.

Melodic/future riddim has certainly taken the EDM world by storm over the past year with artists constantly developing the sound and pushing it to new limits.

The premier and EP-titled track Diamond Dust kicks things off with electric guitar notes that had us riding a wave of feels. With heavy kicks, followed by even heavier drops, this track has the ideal blend of beautiful vocals that mesh so well and truly make it a beautiful diamond.

For all of the drum n' bass stans out there, this EP sure won't leave you high n' dry.

Containing tracks like Fading Sunset and Broken Halo (featuring Ontario native Knode), Ipsiom's unique take on this sub-genre shows just as much potential for expansion as any other. With such a fast pace to its core, I may have actually found a DnB tune that causes me to pace myself. I personally find the piano in Broken Halo as such a beautiful component to the song that it only adds to the intensity and progression.

Broken Halo will have you questioning whether you should get those high knees pumping or reaching for the tissue box.

Lastly is the ethereal-like Ghostpetals. This future riddim tune challenges the senses like none other and adds another tier to the never ending growth of melodic bass music. Drawing similarities to Diamond Dust with the guitar buildup, the difference between styles of riddim and DnB are apparent. Ipsiom's true genius is highlighted here by taking that kind of note we can all relate to and turning it into something that we didn't know we wanted.

I would never say this EP is an acquired taste. That statement implies that it may take some time getting used to. It is, however, an impeccable growth of work that this scene has yet to experience; I cannot wait until the bass community as a whole gets a chance to acknowledge it.

As a contributing artist to Subsidia Records, Ipsiom is in a prime position to show this world what it hasn't opened its eyes and ears to. Festival-goers and dubstep lovers alike, be prepared for the year of Ipsiom.

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