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Ipsiom drops 30 mins of uninterrupted melodic mayhem

Riot Control Radio 027 features Ontario, Canada's own

After discovering talented melodic bass artist Ipsiom in 2020, we couldn't stop listening to his unique production style. Not only do his tracks feature dreamy soundscapes that transport us into a utopian world; but he throws filth too, as seen in many songs including Shadow Duel with Phocust (which is one of our favorites).

We continue to be impressed with Ipsiom, as his recent releases on labels like Railbreakers and Subsidia draw listeners from around the world. Of particular note is his Post-Hardware album, featuring insanely creative tracks like Jewel, Antiserum and Aviary. Working with Ipsiom and his team was so much fun, especially getting to know the guys over at Aviary Entertainment, a production company out of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

"Windsor has never had a bass scene, so we started Aviary to hopefully kickstart [that]," said Ipsiom's manager Jay Jones. "I'm excited to see the growth of the bass scene. There are so many creatives from photographers, bloggers, producers and companies pushing the scene in the right direction.."

We sat down and chatted with Ipsiom

Who are your biggest inspirations (either in music, dubstep or anything)?

My biggest inspirations are Tennyson and Space Laces without a doubt. Tennyson for the atmosphere they create in their music and Space Laces for his mixdown style and very creative sounding music, he's definitely one of the most unique in bass music.

Why did you first get into EDM?

I first got into EDM listening to the Initial D soundtracks when I was a kid, I fell in love with Eurobeat stuff and the addictive melodies they created, I then got into artists like Basshunter and Daddy DJ, they were my introduction to EDM.

Who are your favorite artists and songs right now? My favourite artists right now are probably Trinergy, Sanjaux, and DV-i. My favourite songs right now are Like What by Tennyson, Everyday Everynight by Anamanaguchi, and Darling by Passager.

Favorite venue you’ve ever played at or visited? My favourite venue I've played is Meteor in my hometown of Windsor, it was such an intimate set, I felt really connected with the crowd.

Best show or festival you’ve ever been to? Best show I've been to was the Space Laces and MUST DIE! show at Elektricity in October 2019, the sets that night were unbelievable.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself! Fun fact about me: I'm an insurance broker as my day job and I'm also a voice actor and impressionist.



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