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Jiqui delivers ‘DEATH OF THE HERO’ EP on PhaseOne's new label, Sounds of Mayhem

This EP features a unique and eerie blend of metal vocals and dubstep, with a Vastive collab and a feature from Qoiet.

The hybrid worlds of dubstep and trap collide, and through the lens of Jiqui, they are showcased in a four-track EP, just released on Sounds of Mayhem. With blends of metal vocals and stacked, crunchy bass lines, we see this as a knockout release.

Jiqui has been a leader in the underground dubstep game for years now, with almost instant brand recognition from fans around North America and Europe. This EP flexes his dynamic skill set and satiates the thirst of our agents for something fresh.

Death of the Hero EP Tracklist:

ANTIHERO with Vastive


SOUL SHRED with Qoiet


PhaseOne announced Sounds of Mayhem shortly after his outstanding Forbidden Kingdom performance earlier this summer. Since then, the imprint has delivered nothing but pure metal-step filth - with releases from the label boss himself, AVANCE and other talented producers.

ANTIHERO, featuring our boy Vastive, is the opener track that comes out swinging, immediately engaging listeners.

"When Jiqui first sent me this original demo, I instantly fell in love and knew he had something special. I'm so happy with the end result and glad to be a part of Jiqui's journey," said Vastive.

STENCH MONSTER offers intense drones and sustained basses with a groovy drum beat. POP ROCKS is a short, but sweet, song that focuses on meticulous sound design with a catching bass groove.

SOUL SHRED is an energetic, metal-focused track featuring German vocalist/producer Qoiet. Stacked with edgy vocals, hard-hitting drums, and distorted guitar and bass, it's a blood-pumping track.

"Death of The Hero is a release I'm super stoked about because of the variety of styles the EP showcases," said Jiqui. "When Graeme (PhaseOne) told me he was starting a label and asked if I wanted to be a part of it, it was a no-brainer for me to say yes. He has always been a big supporter of my project and I couldn't be happier with how this release turned out."

DEATH OF THE HERO EP Is out on all streaming platforms via Sounds of Mayhem.


Dubstep FBI Co-Founder & VP Yesi (aka YESENDIT) can be found on Instagram


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