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Kayzo proves king of dance/rock crossover with junior album, 'NEW BREED'

The 20-track release features collabs w/ ATLiens & PhaseOne, alongside vocalists ADAM ON EARTH (Oceano) & Aaron Pauley (Of Mice & Men).

In what some are calling the album of the year, KAYZO has yet again captured everything we love about the rock-electronic hybrid scene via his latest studio-length album.

Encompassing 20 tracks and over a dozen mouthwatering collabs, NEW BREED, just dropped on KAYZO's imprint, Welcome Records. This highly coveted album spans the genres of post-hardcore to dancefloor drum 'n bass.

NEW BREED has charted on it’s opening weekend, hitting the No. 3 dance album worldwide on Apple Music, behind only Drake and Madonna’s recent releases.

Several songs from the release have been placed in Spotify's editorial playlists, including CROWN OF THORNS (w/ Blosso & BVLVNCE) in Rocktronic & All New Metal, LOVE ME HATE ME (w/ DeWayne & Cray) in All New Rock, and MOONLIGHT (w/ Siiickbrain) in Misfits 2.0.

The album certainly lives up to the hype, somewhat in part to the following long-awaited collabs: Kayzo x ATLiens - BURN IT DOWN (feat. ADAM ON EARTH) and Kayzo x PhaseOne MEET YOU IN THE SOUND (feat. Aaron Pauley).

“I've been fortunate to play some shows in the past with ATLiens and I've always been fond of their interesting sound and how they stand out from the rest of bass music." Kayzo said. "I sent stems to the guys literally three days before EDC Vegas, and within those few days we passed stems back and forth and had a song to premier during my set that Saturday at Circuit Grounds.”

While the ATLiens collab is a more traditional Kayzo banger, LOVE ME HATE ME with CRAY and DE'WAYNE is an adventure in pop-punk music crossed over with dancefloor drum 'n bass. Not only that, but given that Kayzo and Cray are in a relationship, the Doghouse family loved it even more.

"With this being one of the newest records on the album in terms of writing, I still remember the session so well. It was effortless. It was pure fun. Not only was I able to write with one of my favorite new artists in De'Wayne, I was able to also write with the love of my life. I've been waiting for the right time for Cheney and I to write a song. I mean it's been due, and people have been wanting it,” Kayzo said.

The track that encapsulates the album most is CROWN OF THORNS with Blosso and BVLVNCE. Rock vocals, psytrance and hardstyle vibes, plus a heavy dubstep drop, and finally a melodic dubstep drop -- The track captures everything Kayzo has done so well over the years, all in one song.

The album takes the listener on a journey of all of Kayzo's musical styles for over an hour and six minutes, and it had the FBI on the edge of our seats from start to finish. Whether you like rock or metal, dubstep or hardstyle, this album will have something for you.

New Breed is streaming every now via Welcome Records.


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