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Luca Lush, Oski get criminally filthy with 'Gangsta' on Bassrush Records

The collab was birthed from a Twitch stream, and now pushes boundaries of half-time & trap.

Luca Lush and Oski have created a beat that is one-of-a-kind. Their new release, Gangsta on Bassrush, hits with high energy.

It blends multiple genres together into a unique heater that could be played anywhere from Miami Music Week to Lost Lands.

For beginners, the song gets you immediately bumping. "Bounce to the beat, people" it sings, over a mysterious build. The last part of the song speeds up with a drop that's almost psy-future in nature.

Luca Lush said that this song came about during the pandemic during one of his "Digging for Dingers Twitch streams circa mid 2020."

He said that Oski popped into the chat and asked if he could send demos.

"One of [those demos] was an early version of Gangsta," Luca Lush said. "I asked if I could put my spin on it and we started working on it over Discord the following week. After diving more into techno, I wanted to lengthen the track and add a section at the end that would compliment my current style of sets without taking away from the heavy, half-time front-end."

With both Luca Lush and Oski continuing to consistently release bangers, Gangsta is only the latest heater, and odds look good that it will not be the last.

Gangsta is now available for streaming on all major platforms via Bassrush.


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