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Midnight Tyrannosaurus announces massive headline show at Denver's Fillmore

'The Gauntlet: Damus Daemonium' will feature Midnight T's speaker-shattering sounds on Saturday, March 16, with support coming soon.

Some artists are in a different tier because their music is so heavy. Not only does it fall into dubstep, but it falls into heavy-ass dubstep that quite literally shreds through crowds.

Those are the sounds of Midnight Tyrannosaurus.

He's just announced a gargantuan headline show at Denver's iconic Fillmore Auditorium. And not only is this venue home to some of the most incredible moments in Colorado music history, but it's the perfect setting for a crazy rave.

We've been told that a support announcement is coming soon. We're excited to see who will be playing alongside Midnight T, because one thing is for sure: The underground bass music scene is on FIRE right now, especially in Denver.

It's giving #BassCapital once again (do you hear that, Montreal?)

Real OGs know Midnight Tyrannosaurus for his releases on Never Say Die Black Label way back when. Now a days, he's been crushing the charts with songs like The Cheeky Breeki Song (with Nimda) and Ballad of the Ravenous, which came out last year.

Fans are expecting to hear him rinse classics like Banana Planet, and my personal favorite, Assimilate with Cromatik.

If you know what's good for you, you'll find us in the pits.


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