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Mile32, Ages drop grime tearout tune, 'MERK,' on Bloodline Studios

Bloodline Studios is the label of Benzmixer, a classic pioneer who is now supporting 20 artists via THE DRIP: VOLUME ONE compilation.

Mile32 has been on the rise this year.

Several of his tunes were rinsed out at last weekend's Lost Lands festival, including during the PhaseOne b2b FuntCase and late-night sound camp sets.

Now, he's released a grime tearout tune called MERK (with Ages) on Benzmixer's label, Bloodline Studios. This release is part of the 20-track compilation called THE DRIP: VOLUME ONE that features artists like Ophion, spellthief, DANNO and the label boss himself, Benzmixer.

Mile32 already has releases on Space Yacht, Bypass and Indefinite Recs and has been playing club and festival shows around the country. He just announced that he's on one of the biggest dubstep NYE events, Saturnalia, going down in Salt Lake City December 30-31, 2023.

MERK features the witty vocals of Ages, the self-proclaimed, coldest grime M.C. from Perth, Australia.

"When Ages sent over some true, gritty vocals, I knew I had to make one of the stompiest gun-bass songs I could’ve ever created," Mile32 said. "Drawing inspiration from the vocals, I jumped into production, channeling his energy into the track."

This tune captures the essence of grime and pushes the boundaries of the tearout genre. It's a bouncy tune that has us head-nodding while streaming on our headphones. On the big systems, it would have our high knees to the sky.

The tune gives off confident vibes, with Ages spitting some of the catchiest, Aussie-sounding lines we've heard on a tearout tune to date.

“So basically, I just wanted to showcase grime in its rawest form, and show how versatile the genre really is," Ages said. "I was feeling myself that day, so I decided to talk my shit and let the people know who I am and what I’ve done."

Well, we love to hear him talk his shit.

Our agents will be locked into Mile32 and Ages in the near future, hoping to hear this one get rinsed out live.


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