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MYR, Bleaubeard are on a mission to break necks with 'Get It'

This neck-breaking collaboration features a majestic breakbeat intro and a massive drop, making loyal headbangers go feral.

Here at Dubstep FBI, we love to see the underground thrive. That's exactly what's happening in the latest release from two of the scene's rising producers right now: MYR and Bleaubeard.

MYR is a bass music producer based out of Tampa, Florida. Although still in the early stages of his career, MYR has shown through his productions and live sets that he has what it takes to be a renowned dubstep artist.

He has also established the head residency slot at The Ritz Ybor, a place many consider to be the mecca of dubstep in Florida.

Bleaubeard has also come into his own as an artist this year, even being based in Canada. He has releases on Excision’s Subsidia Records and Bear Grillz's Rude Service label.

What started as doubles and a dream has truly turned into a reality for Bleaubeard who is quickly becoming a name in the bass music scene.

Get It is a modern collaboration, as the two artists found each other online and the creative juices immediately began to flow.

"Bleau and I became internet friends and we quickly realized the potential we had to make something cool. We knew we wanted to make something together and started tossing ideas around... then he sent me an 8-bar drop idea, which I took and started running away with,” said MYR.

Once MYR had that 8-bar drop, the rest was history.

“The project became an integration of both our styles, sounds, and energy with hints of personal inspiration. For me, the breakbeat intro was rooted from Virtual Self whom I had been going back and listening to heavily at the time we wrote this track." - MYR.

Get It maintains a unique and light breakbeat introduction style for a track with such a heavy drop – the contrast with the thick, neck-breaking bass design is what truly sets the track apart from others.

We will continue to monitor both rising artists closely as they climb the ranks of the dubstep universe.


Dubstep news reporter Jack Zalta can be found on Instagram: @Jazalta

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