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FBI Round-up: New heat out the week of Feb. 25

Top picks of the week include REAPER, SweetTooth, Nvadrz, M?STIC

Another massive week in bass music is wrapped up by a stacked release radar, including tracks from the likes of Ace Aura, Kill The Noise, Seven Lions, Phocust and Ipsiom.

Our agents have selected the top four picks that should be on your speakers for the week of Feb. 25th.


REAPER - WARNING (Welcome Records)

The first banger on our radar this week is the highly anticipated, fiery drum n bass track, WARNING, by REAPER. No stranger to KAYZO's Welcome Records, REAPER has been on several New Breed tour stops with the Doghouse master himself, and has been quickly rising as he brings drum n bass to American audiences.

"WARNING is the simulation of a chaotic event that triggers my flight or fight response," REAPER said. "I wanted to create a song that activates an adrenaline rush similar to the rush I feel during the peaks of my DJ sets."

He said the New Breed tour has been incredible so far and there have been so many memorable moments. But, one of the funniest tour moments was at Mission Ballroom in Denver.

"I noticed there were massive bean bags in the green room so I took one down to the stage and watched Calcium's set from the bean bag, it was really funny and all around great fun."


SweetTooth - No Such Thing As Normal (DPMO UK)

Continuing with our new music investigation, SweetTooth just dropped No Such Thing As Normal on his new EP, Problem Child, released on DPMO UK. The build up features words from SweetTooth himself and perfectly encapsulates a heavy and stompy drop.

No Such Thing as Normal was the first song I wrote for this EP," SweetTooth said. "[The] first song I wrote after getting out of the psych ward and got put on meds. I was on a legitimate attempt to be normal for the first time in my life and I realized that everyone else was just as lost as I was. I was just one of the few that was aware of it.”


Nvadrz - Imposter Syndrome [Self release]

Nvadrz has returned since his last single back in September 2021. His latest track, Imposter Syndrome, is a rhythmically unique track that features early 2000s-inspired sound design.

“My favorite part would have to be just experimenting rhythmically, trying to take inspiration from more '90s and early 2000's rave music, and infusing the Nvadrz sound into that.”

Nvadrz said his music catalogue for 2022 is more out-of-the-box.

"[I am] shifting my focus from ticking boxes while creating tracks to branching out to different genres that don't consist only of electronic-based music. While there's definitely some heavy hitters for the fans to rage with, there's also some toned down pieces that exhume my love for other types of music.”


BONUS: Kid Cudi - Day N’ Nite (M?STIC Remix)

Our fourth and final track this week is M?STIC’s vibey remix of Kid Cudi’s classic Day N’ Nite. He gives a fresh take on this track with the usual M?STIC style we have come to love.

He said he chose this song because it played a huge role in his childhood, it took him back to the MySpace days when nothing else mattered but playing outside and coming home to Drake 'n Josh.

“When I made this remix, it was very emotional and the feeling was deep in a sense of nostalgia," M?STIC said. "I was making this record while reconnecting with my roots and the feeling of growing up. I took my time with it until I was truly happy and enjoyed every aspect. I kept playing the hook with my new melody and closing my eyes, capturing the vibe of classic trap, but modern, since everything is beefed nowadays. Atlas, I had created a masterpiece that I was happy with I don’t care if it only touches thousands, it will live forever.“


These four tracks have caught the attention of our agents this week, and we will continue to watch & listen for any tracks that stand out to us like diamonds in the rough. Remember, Dubstep FBI is always listening...

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