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NGHTMRE emerges with Ray Volpe, Deadlyft via latest Gud Vibrations EP

In his first EP since 2017, NGHTMRE showcases sentimental ballads and bass-fueled bangers.

Gearing up for an impressive year, NGHTMRE just delivered us four tracks that span the contemporary dance spectrum.

In his latest EP since 2017, UNSOUND showcases NGHTMRE’s softer side while also dishing out that classic, heavy sound we have experienced at major festivals.

"Everyone who worked on this EP is incredibly talented and I think deserves more recognition for their work. I hope this EP brings to light some of the amazing under-appreciated artists who helped write this music,” NGHTMRE said.

UNSOUND features collaborations with rising producers Ray Volpe & Deadlyft in their supercharged, bass-packed tracks Signal and Ring The Alarm. UNSOUND is the go-to if you are looking to get that balanced mix of soft melodic and heavy drops.

The track featuring Ray Volpe, Signal, has got us feeling as if we are on the next space mission to other worlds.

Ray Volpe’s recognizable signature sound, along with the combination of NGHTMRE’s heavy drops, has developed a collab that is making us go absolutely bonkers.

Moving into the collab with Deadlyft, Ring The Alarm offers both a first drop that will have you headbanging, and a second drop filled with future bass.

This track offers a barbell smasher for when you want to pump one out and cry about your ex-girlfriend after.

Deadlyft shows us what he’s all about in this tune and we are here for it. Known for his gym-field bangers like Gainz, Deadlyft has quickly risen to popularity and is no stranger to the Gun Vibrations fam.

“The UNSOUND EP is a bit of a preface for my upcoming album. I have been working on lots of new music throughout the year and these are some of my favorite collaborations I’ve done," NGHTMRE said.

With the perfect balance of heavy, festival-ready tunes, and easy listening melodies, we are locked in to NGHTMRE's next moves. UNSOUND is available on all streaming platforms.

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