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Felmax, Veros slam into overdrive with 'High Powered Hydraulic'

Felmax and Veros bring signature intensity in their tune that just dropped on Most Addictive.

Felmax is at it again. His unstoppable anime-inspired tunes have us headbanging at our desks.

High Powered Hydraulic is the latest collab from Felmax and his student Veros on Most Addictive Music. The track wastes no time heading to the drop, and launches into a clanging whirlwind of bass.

High Powered Hydraulic is an intense experience, combining elements of both Felmax and Veros's unique sound design into a drill of hyper focused sound. In addition, the cover art is one of the hardest pieces of art we have seen, and pairs perfectly with the track.

"High Powered Hydraulic is the culmination of the evolution of sound for both Veros and myself. Watching Veros grow to where he is has been an absolute honor," Felmax said

The release of High Powered Hydraulic on Most Addictive is the result of countless hours of between Felmax and Veros.

They also released another collab, R2, on Space Yacht last year, which has accumulated over 80,000 streams on Spotify so far.

Felmax played Lost Lands for the first time last year, and if things go according to plan it looks like he will be back there this year.

In addition, if Veros keeps releasing tracks like these, we guarantee he will be playing Lost Lands very soon. Tracks like High Powered Hydraulic have also earned these artists the support of big names such as Excision, Illenium, and Black Tiger Sex Machine.

Be sure to be on the lookout for new tracks from both Felmax and Veros, and if you're in the area, Felmax will be playing a show at Stereo Live Dallas on Thursday, February 3 as well as a show at Stereo Live Houston on Thursday, February 10.

High Powered Hydraulic is available now on all streaming platforms.

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