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NIMBVS tug on heart strings with melodic dubstep track 'Answer'

We asked the question, and the duo provided the Answer.

The Jacksonville based duo, NIMBVS, released their first melodic dubstep song since Song in the Sword back in September 2022. Answer is out now on all platforms.

Ever since last year's Scream Beamer edit which went viral and was supported by the likes of NGHTMRE, NIMBVS have been on our radar. This track is a return to their melodic dubstep roots of their first releases in their discography.

The track opens with an emotional piano intro and and a chilling vocal performance before the synths come in and pick up the energy of the track. One chord is looped as the track builds up and after we hear "My Answer," the song drops into melodic dubstep drop that is evocative of Trivecta's Sail Away or Slander and Synymata's When I'm With You.

The song breaks down into another section with just the piano and vocal before we get another build up into a second drop. The second drop builds masterfully off of the first and adds small touches such as a fakeout into the drop and a few growls scattered throughout to maintain a coherent focus to the theme of the song.

NIMBVS told us a little bit about the feeling that drove them to write the song.

"Answer is about finding the person who is so right for you and your soul that it feels like an answer to all your questions and worries in life."

We will be crying to this one until further notice. Ready the tissues.


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