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Nimbvs release trap anthem 'Deep Space'

The Jacksonville-based duo that gave us the edit of 2022 are back at it again with another banger.

2022 was the year of the Screamsaver and Laserbeam edit. It could be heard at any festival stage at any given moment. Nimbvs is back with another self-released trap banger, Deep Space, streaming now on all platforms.

We have heard it all from this duo, ranging from melodic drum and bass to dubstep.

Nimbvs' latest tune shows the versatility of their production--a trend that continues on from their December EP, Creation and Destruction.

The duo told us a little bit about where the song got its name and what went into how the track came about.

"Deep Space is as the name suggests. It is a song about deep space, whether that means literal deep space or a figurative place we've all been to. We really think the melody encapsulated that mystery of both of those things, hence the name, Nimbvs said. We wanted to make something a little bit weirder that felt mysterious, but still incorporated melodic and trap elements that have been a key part of our sound."

The song starts out with a mysterious sounding melody until the hip hop inspired drums and the sub begin to kick in.

As we build into the drop, we get a riser that builds tension into a drop that follows the same melody from the intro. We get some really catchy top lines, some chest rattling subs and some claps rather than snares to really solidify the trap influences.

We needed some astronaut gear to listen to this one, because it took us to Deep Space. We suggest further investigation.


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