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Odd Language sets thrilling tone with futuristic soundscape, ‘Replika’

The rising, LA-based producer leaves his mark with this unbound piece of work.

The space race is upon us and Odd Language's latest piece of work takes us on a mental journey to other planets.

His latest self-released track, Replika, showcases his ability to create a captivating energy through sound. Based out of Los Angeles, Odd Language's project is dedicated to exploring soundscapes and pushing boundaries.

Otherwordly is the best way to put it -- from wave-inspired synths to addictive melodies, Replika brings us futuristic vibes that capture the advanced spirit of his music.

Euphoria ties in with the massive structure of the track, complemented by glitch fills and tight snares. Replika has a custom a visualizer that Odd Language created himself in