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Ophelia Records kicks off the new year with latest Advent series, Seven Lions album tour

Overflowing with somber bass and vocal notes, this latest edition provides listeners with the purest forms of melodic bass music.

With numerous eyes and ears added to our agency recently, our senses have never been more sharp for those who bring their unique skill and sound to the industry. The Filthy Beat Inspectors are always on the lookout for releases to quench our insatiable thirst for bass music.

Ophelia Records has undoubtedly established themselves as the juggernaut label for melodic dubstep and future bass. With talent coming from all over the world, this label shows no signs of slowing down any time in the foreseeable future. To keep the momentum rolling into the new year, Seven Lions has also announced an album-themed tour to celebrate the release of Beyond The Veil (tickets for all show dates here).

As if the cover art for this EP wasn't telling already, the sounds of the track selections act as the perfect descriptions for the artwork itself. Across the board are tunes cultivated by well-deserving artists who are on a track run for greatness. Seven Lions (aka Jeff Montalvo) feeds his almost cult-following of a fanbase with the sounds that we didn't know we needed.

A new wave of rising stars has ascended. Advent Volume 6 arrives with eight tracks from some of the most exciting artists in melodic bass, dubstep, trap/wave & midtempo.

- Ophelia Records

By including such a diverse lineup of artists from genres that blend so well together, Seven Lions continues to deliver to the fans tracks we didn't know what we wanted.


Whether it's listening to this music in my room alone or in the crowd with thousands of fans all crying our eyes out, one saying from the documentary surrounding the Seven Lions music project that I take to heart is that he doesn't tell fans how to interpret the music. Rather than conducting how you should feel, he prefers to let everyone do so in their own way and build a connection provided by that moment in time or those from the past.


After the long-awaited Seven Lions debut album, fans across all platforms seemed to wonder when a tour date would take place. Events such as Chronicles, Pantheon, The Journey and even the Horizon Tour (alongside Kill The Noise & Tritonal) are interesting enough in that they have satiated the need for an incredible show at the time but leave the fans wondering how an artist can build upon it and make the next show even more memorable.

By immersing themselves into a world brought to fruition by the incredible mind of Seven Lions himself, fans can expect nothing less than an otherworldly time of our lives. With support to be announced in the near future, Beyond The Veil (aka The Journey III) is sure to pave a path previously undiscovered by the world

of EDM enthusiasts.

One of the highlighted venues serving as an early stop in the tour brings the Seven Lions project to Los Angeles at the legendary LA Historic Park. With such an open venue area prepared to serve massive crowds, this will be one show you won't want to miss. Get your tickets for the LA show here.


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