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PhaseOne shreds souls with latest heavy dubstep EP on his new label

Sounds of Mayhem embodies its name with this three-track, mega-release from PhaseOne. Oh, and we get the Hydraulix & MUERTE collabs, too.

phaseone at forbidde kingdom

Rocktronic. Metalstep. Dubpunk. Whatever you choose to call it — EDM blended with heavy metal is a hit.

It's what we've come to know and love from PhaseOne, someone who has quickly become a leader in the bass music scene. He's been busy, cranking out eight releases already this year in conjunction with the founding of his new label, Sounds of Mayhem, that was announced earlier this summer.

Now, he's dropping a bomb on metalstep fans around the world with his latest EP entitled Beyond Oblivion. It's got three new tracks and some banging collabs with Hydraulix and MUERTE, along with a killer vocal feature from one of our favorites, Qoiet.

PhaseOne - Beyond Oblivion EP

Reign Of Malice ft. Qoiet

Disrespect w/ Hydraulix

Run For Your Life w/ MUERTE

phaseone and album cover

The first track on the project is PhaseOne's creation with Qoiet. Based in Germany, he's an insanely talented vocalist whose known for distinct and sharp screams.

"I hit him up years ago and told him my vision for basically doing a metal song but with heavy synths," PhaseOne said. "I like to include vocals as part of the drop, almost like a verse, having them as an extra element over the entire drop. To me, it feels more like a metal song that way, rather than just having vocals as pre-drops or turnarounds for transitions."

The first drop reflects metal that tumbles into a gnarly sequence tied with Qoiet's growls. The second drop is our favorite, however, because it is apocalyptic enough to satisfy our thirst for the heaviest dubstep music known to man.

Of particular note is Disrespect, the Phaseone x Hydraulix collab. The twisted nature of both artists' production warps our minds into a metallic tornado of a song.

"This song is with one of my day 1 producer friends Hydraulix," PhaseOne said. "We grew up in the Sydney bass scene together 10+ years ago and we’ve always remained super tight despite me moving overseas and our differentiating genres."

The MUERTE collab goes ghoul. Making us quite literally want to run for our lives with a spooky, plucking drop that reminds us of a scary movie.

"There’s occasionally those tracks when you play it live, every producer on the stage comes up to the CDJ to see what song it is haha, well this is one of those tunes," PhaseOne said.

Truly impressive work from all producers on this release; our agents approve of the latest sound designs and styles throughout this three-track masterpiece.

You can catch PhaseOne performing at places like Denver, Nocturnal Wonderland and Lost Lands in the coming weeks.

We expect more like this to be uncovered soon from the newly born label, Sounds of Mayhem.


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