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PIERCE travels through the depths with TEARDOWN on Wubaholics

This is the lead single off his upcoming EP, already unleashing our wild sides on the esteemed bass music label.

album artwork and artist photo

Some dubstep fans celebrate the road less traveled — the underground beats where creativity has no limit and differences are celebrated.

Well, PIERCE's new single is no different.

Released today via his debut on Wubaholics, TEARDOWN, is destined to become the next favorite. And our investigation shows that these drops are nothing short of explosive.

Wubaholics is a label and bass music collective known for elevating some of experimental's rising young artists. They've had recent releases with artists like blurrd vzn, dêtre, Xotix and more.

Now, PIERCE's production skills are shining through in the label's latest release. From the moment the beat kicks in, you’re pulled into a vortex of sound that demands your attention.

As the beat intensifies, layers of intricate synths and atmospheric sounds blend, building a sense of anticipation and excitement that makes your heart race.

pierce live photo

TEARDOWN is a track I crafted with the sole intention of unleashing pure rage," PIERCE said. "As the anticipation builds, you'll find yourself craving the explosive climax (the drop) - an irresistible urge to mosh and completely tear the club down.”

The track is a seamless blend of carefully crafted elements with each piece fitting together like a perfect puzzle. Its infectious energy and dynamic sound make it a perfect addition to any set or playlist.

Pierce's talent for creating earth-shattering drops is on full display here, unleashing an unparalleled energy that will tear any club down.

If you're a fan of dubstep music, TEARDOWN is a must listen, and it's out now on all platforms.

Tear the club down with PIERCE at his next few tour stops:



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