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PREMIERE: Carbin, Shizz Lo freeze minds with 'Ice Scream' remix

Cool licks, catchy twists and futuristic spins emerge as Carbin takes on Shizz Lo's signature sound.

From Iceland to America, Shizz Lo’s Ice Scream has been freezing venues far and wide since its inception as an ID in 2020.

After finally being scooped out for release in 2021, the single has seen massive support from some of the most pivotal thought leaders in the game. Now, Carbin has provided a cool twist to the song stuck in our heads all summer: Ice Scream.

With Carbin’s remix of the trendsetting tune premiering here first in on Dubstep FBI, we are diving into the instant classic and what blended the two artist flavors into this freeze.

After scooping into Shizz Lo's frozen world this summer (on our FBI Podcast), we have high expectations of his next few live performances. And without a doubt, this Carbin remix is a track that our head-banging fam can expect to hear at Lost Lands.

In addition to a guaranteed rinse at Legend Valley, the track has been played out by massive artists such as Whipped Cream, Carnage and Adventure Club.

Shizz Lo himself has been on a recent rise. Based out of Philadelphia, the artist has been touring on-and-off over the past few months with artists such as Boogie T and Blunts n Blondes. He's also known for his genre-bending Power Trip EP on Boogie T’s label, Drama Club Recordings.

OG bass heads know Carbin as a household name - his legendary hit, Boss with AFK, went down as the festival anthem of 2017-18 (we will never forget hearing it at BassPOD EDC 2018). Based in Texas, he's also collaborated with artists like Slushii and even dropped an album titled Throne on Never Say Die last year.

Flavors throughout the creative process

While Shizz Lo hosted an Ice Scream remix competition earlier this year, Carbin's remix was completely separate from that, and was chosen to be published for its originality and signature style.

"I've been listening to Carbin since he was releasing on the Electrostep Network four years ago and have always liked and respected his music," Shizz Lo said.

After some back and forth and a few feedback sessions, Carbin wrote something that Shizz Lo stated "will be a staple in my sets for years to come."

While Shizz Lo joked that he's got the Carbin Remix on a constant repeat, the song's catchy jingle is already stuck in our heads.

"I'm gonna play 45 minutes of Ice Scream remixes at Lost Lands...just kidding, but I will absolutely be playing the Carbin remix, its one of my favorite remixes to play live," Shizz Lo said.

Shizz Lo debuted the remix to an overzealous Dallas crowd at a show with Dirty Snatcha.

"The response was incredible. Then I played it the following week In Philadelphia and the energy was almost overwhelming!"

As a constant creative who is blending sounds from every corner of EDM, Shizz Lo continues to be an artist to watch on the Dubstep FBI list.

Ice Scream (Carbin Remix) brings fans a sweet nugget to consume live this weekend at Lost Lands. Shizz Lo will be playing the Subsidia Stage on Friday, Sept. 24 at 3 p.m..

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