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Premiere: DOIL, NVRT release ground-shaking collab 'Death Dance' on Rude Service

The two proteges are back at it again with another banger to start 2023.

This one started as a bootleg for one of 2022's hottest songs, Ground Shake by Crankdat and Bandlez-- DOIL and NVRT went ahead and made their own banger, out tomorrow on Rude Service as part of the Dominion EP.

These two artists were both part of our 2023 watchlist and they showed exactly why we were so excited to see what was coming from them this year.

What you can expect from this track is a showcase of all the things that we've grown to enjoy in DOIL and NVRT's music.

The track opens up very quickly and wastes no time getting straight to the build up which only adds to the frenetic pace of the track.

We get a pre drop vocal of a growled "Do the Death Dance!" before the madness ensues. From there on out, we get two drops with some of the best growls and sustain basses you will find in any track released in 2023 to this point.

DOIL told us a little bit about the track and how it came to fruition as an NVRT collab.

The idea for the tune originally started as a bootleg I made of ‘Ground Shake’ by Crankdat and Bandlez. I sent it over to NVRT, and he literally made it sound so much better, Doil said. NVRT is such a talented musician, and has a really bright future. It was alot of fun to work with him! I am super stoked for everyone to hear this tune and the whole EP.

We need cannot wait for the Dominion EP and hope you will investigate this one further with us.


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