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[PREMIERE] PURGE triggers a new wave with heavy single, Flexin'

Known for his melodic dubstep, Las Vegas-based artist PURGE is giving us a preview of his first single in an upcoming series of heavier music.

From high-energy electronic drops to melodic compositions, PURGE's latest single Flexin' is the first in a new wave of his heavier side. He gave Dubstep FBI an exclusive sneak peek of the track that is out everywhere on Friday, Nov. 12 (pre-save it here).

The build starts straight out of the gate, and stampedes to the drop with a flurry of sound. His sharp production paired with a catchy, almost video game-like buildup, sounds like a scene in a sci-fi action chase.

Despite taking a step away from the melodic side of dubstep, this track still provides the intricate and precise sound design that PURGE has become known for.

"Mostly everyone recognizes my melodic dubstep songs and I wanted to push some boundaries with my sound design and overall direction of PURGE," he said.

Flexin' was the very first song made after realizing this concept, and PURGE is “super excited it’s finally coming out” and he gets to “show the world a new side of myself.”

Having released on Subsidia, Welcome Records and Insomniac Records, PURGE has has a track record of producing recognizable music. One of his most recent tunes, Home with Lizzy Jane, is an example of his melodic work, while his Welcome Records track, Rage City hinted at what was to come in the high-energy production realm.

PURGE has been releasing music since 2016, when he burst onto the scene with his debut EP release on Skrillex’s imprint and media outlet Nest HQ. Since then he has performed at EDC Las Vegas and EDC Orlando, and received support from giants such as Excision, Kayzo, San Holo and Krewella.

While we only recently discovered PURGE, the future bodes well for him and we will be continuing the investigation into the rest of his heavier series.

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