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[PREMIERE] PURGE triggers a new wave with heavy single, Flexin'

Known for his melodic dubstep, Las Vegas-based artist PURGE is giving us a preview of his first single in an upcoming series of heavier music.

From high-energy electronic drops to melodic compositions, PURGE's latest single Flexin' is the first in a new wave of his heavier side. He gave Dubstep FBI an exclusive sneak peek of the track that is out everywhere on Friday, Nov. 12 (pre-save it here).

The build starts straight out of the gate, and stampedes to the drop with a flurry of sound. His sharp production paired with a catchy, almost video game-like buildup, sounds like a scene in a sci-fi action chase.

Despite taking a step away from the melodic side of dubstep, this track still provides the intricate and precise sound design that PURGE has become known for.