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PREMIERE: Vastive draws eyes with 'Watch' on Rude Service

Get a first listen to the title track off his upcoming EP, which displays creative genius through a tone of freedom and discovery.

Always pushing boundaries and limits with each new work of art, Vastive has done it again with Watch, the title track off his new EP coming out on Rude Service on Friday, April 8.

Beginning with ethereal sounds and haunting vocals, Watch delivers the trademark Vastive knockout when the drop hits, launching into a fast-paced bass banger.

"There’s a reason this is the title track of the EP. It’s the first tune that brings in this atmosphere of serenity and peace, which represents that feeling of closure and acceptance I felt, but also switches gears on flow and style in the drops with this edge of confidence and almost ritual-sounding energy," Vastive said. "

"It’s got this sense of freedom and discovery, which is where my headspace is at this current moment in my life. The words speak for themselves and the music really defines the pace of my life right now."

As the full, debut EP drops this Friday, it's comprised of four intense tracks that twist his love for metal with a balance between sanity and chaos. Vastive is known for releases on Subsidia, Welcome and Never Say Die, and has quickly risen to notoriety over the last year withs some of dubstep's most creative sounding songs.

Rude Service is the imprint of Bear Grillz that has created a home for rising EDM producers over the last year. They are throwing a label takeover at Denver's Ogden Theater on April 30, that will feature Vastive, High Zombie, Perry Wayne and more of the label's brightest talent.

The Bully on the Block showcases his visionary skills and passion for production, with an EP that will satisfy just about anyone who listens to it.

The 'Watch' EP can be presaved here:


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