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Spag Heddy has cooked up a saucy new radio tune, 'Smile,' with Lalo

It's no surprise that Monstercat Records scooped this catchy song up.

Our favorite noodle maker been busy in the kitchen - and by kitchen, we mean the DAW.

He's cooked us up another anthem, this time, it's al-dente (just how we like it). Smile (featuring Lalo) has angelic vocals and a saucy drop - the perfect fit for world-renowned label, Monstercat.

This release is just the latest for Spag Heddy and follows up his last hugely successful tune, Spaghetti Slap. He has been active on the festival scene this year, appearing at Rampage Open Air, Wobbleland and Escapade.

Spag Heddy said he wanted the new track to be more "radio-friendly" and to have an old-school feel to it. With the help of Lalo's vocals and his classic sound, he did just that.

The track starts out with a familiar feel of airy synths paired with the vocals and a very bright and snappy snare. This blend makes the track an absolute pleasure to the listeners.

Both drops are what fans of Spag Heddy have come to know over the past decade, with his signature wonky basses and old-school growls on full display throughout the whole song.

HIs creative mindset and dynamic skills shine through, and we can see why it was an easy-sign for Monstercat.

"Compared to my other dubstep work, 'Smile' is a very easy-to-digest song, with the idea of making it radio-friendly and interesting for a bigger audience," Spag Heddy said. "When I heard the vocal topline, it immediately felt like it fit the feeling I was going for. I hope it puts a smile on people's faces!”

Spag Heddy will be kicking off his tour next month with nine dates announced so far.


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