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SPECTER's Ossuary: A dark and chaotic release of energy

Dubstep FBI premieres electronic producer's latest work highlighting society's unhealthy obsession with online image

Dubstep FBI is proud to present the premiere of 'Ossuary,' the latest track by up-and-coming electronic producer SPECTER. Hailing from Cincinnati, OH, SPECTER is quickly making a name for himself in the bass music scene, having played as regional support for a number of well-known acts, including Dirt Monkey, ZEKE BEATS, PhaseOne, Kompany, and more.

But SPECTER is more than just a talented performer. With his unique approach to sound design and his use of orchestral elements, he is poised to become a major player in the electronic music world. And Ossuary is a perfect example of his innovative style.

According to SPECTER, Ossuary was written as a response to the pressures of social media and the disconnect between online personas and real-life experiences.

"As an artist, having an online presence has become a second-hand necessity that displays aspects of our lives that don't necessarily feel organic or come from an intrinsic place," SPECTER said. "All of that insurmountable pressure of being 'successful' online has constricted an increasingly narrow vision of what it means to be happy as an artist or rather; a human, with flaws, mistakes, worries, and all."

With its heavy beats, dark tones, and haunting melodies, Ossuary is a powerful track that will leave listeners captivated. SPECTER's use of orchestral elements adds an extra layer of complexity, creating a soundscape that is both intricate and intense.

Ossuary will be available to stream on all platforms on May 12!


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