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Stacked with talent: Rude Service continues to elevate rising bass music producers

Their latest compilation features 12 tunes from THRASHA, Levi Walsh, MORF, Bernzikial, Sara Benyo + more.

Rude Service is the hero we need and deserve in the modern-day era of dubstep.

Not only is the Full Stack: Valentine's Day compilation filled with rising talent, but it's also a diverse selection of tunes that carves its own lane in the busy world of bass.

Featuring 12 songs, this release serves as a tasting menu for artists we've been hearing a lot of lately. From talented Colorado-natives like THRASHA and MORF, to Florida's own BERNZIKIAL, we're stoked to see some of these artists getting the recognition they deserve.

Emerging over the last few years as the imprint of Bear Grillz that puts on rising talent, we've been getting excited about Rude Service's last few releases.

They've proven that the underground scene thrives by releasing successful EPs with FOCUSS and AlienPark as of late. They're truly doing the most to ensure that dubstep has a home at large.

The Full Stack: Valentine's Day tracklist is below:

Crow - Martian Madness

Bareli - Bubble Trouble

Jeulzzz - Quake

KYMERA, Sara Benyo - Believe

Cyrus Gold, Dekerakt - Six Fingers


Doctor Nieman - This Love

THRASHA - Real Or Fantasy

VICEGRIP x Speed Shift - The Mechanics

4D, ACTUATE - Brand New

MORF - Sand Castles

Levi Walsh - Revolver

We will be watching Rude Service closely to see what other bangers they have up next in the vault.


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