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Stryer establishes himself with melodic EP 'Raindrops' on Rude Service

The five-track EP features a uniquely melodic, yet filthy, collab with Dani King and BLUPILL.

From inspiring melodies to rail-breaking dubstep, Stryer's Raindrops EP has taken us on a wild ride. The multi-genre rollercoaster represents the trip of a raindrop falling from the sky, with music encompassing both happy and aggressive notes as it nears the ground.

There is nothing slowing down Stryer, an artist who is known for producing waves of melodic, yet filthy, tracks. He just released five new songs on Bear Grillz's Rude Service imprint that serve as an alluring follow up to his track Sedated (with Bear Grillz, featuring Concrete Castles) that dropped last week.

With shows back in full force, there has never been a better time for up-and-coming artists to showcase what they created in the last year during the lockdown.

"The common theme of this raindrop metaphor would be that dark times are inevitable," Stryer said, "but there is always light at the end. I know everyone has their own struggles daily and I hope this EP makes them at least a little bit easier to overcome!"

Raindrops begins with, Interlude, a calming orchestrated instrumental that brings soothing vibes for a rainy day. This showcases Stryer's melodic side and sets the tone for the EP at large.

The second track leads in with Sedated (the Bear Grillz and Stryer collab) which debuted July 20. Us bass heads who reside in Denver had the chance to witness Stryer close out Bear Grillz's headlining set with Sedated at Mission Ballroom on July 31.

The third track is Numb, featuring melodic vocalist Dani King and hardcore vocalist BLUPILL. It's a slapper of a track that we expect will cast a spell among thousands of headbangers this festival season.

"Stryer came to me and wanted me to sing over BLUPILL's talking/screams section," Dani King said. "I thought it was such a cool idea! I haven't heard anything quite like that yet."

The fourth track is titled Don't Say You're in Love, featuring Sam Nelson.

"This track started a Justin Bieber remix," said Stryer, "When I was introduced to Sam, I knew this song would be way better with him on it."

Stryer then ends the EP with Dancing When The Rain Comes Down, a collab with Top Brahman featuring Aloma Steele. Uplifting messages and melodies conclude Stryer's debut EP on Rude Service Records.

Listen to Raindrops on Spotify or any other streaming platform, and stay tuned for more from Stryer by following him on socials.

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