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Summoning Part 2: Electric Boogaloo — 10 can't-miss festival sets

Svdden Death's Summoning of the Eclipse Festival is back for another year, this time, coinciding with a solar eclipse on Oct. 14.

After months of hype and mystique, Svdden Death has finally announced the lineup for the second year of Summoning of the Eclipse at The Caverns in Pelham, TN.

This year's festival looks to be an even bigger undertaking than last year's, as it's been extended to three days (October 13th-15th) and features an even more stacked lineup.

Oh yeah, not to mention there's a pre-party on October 12th, which includes Infekt, Leotrix, Versa, a 6-deck Codd Dubz set, and a secret "Ultimate" B2B.

Dubstep/riddim fans everywhere are surely salivating at the sight of this monstrous lineup at such an iconic venue. Dubstep FBI is here to assist any potential cave-goers with an in-depth look at ten of the lineup's can't-miss artists.


Photo courtesy of @aweminus on Instagram

Previous Summoning attendees will recall the heartbreak of the last-minute announcement of Aweminus being unable to make it for his B2B with MUST DIE! last October. Never fear, riddim heads: the don himself is back for a solo set that will surely please all the high-knee soldiers out there. Armed with classic tunes like Wonton Bass and Sea Shanty, Aweminus is a must-see for any real riddim enjoyer.

Photo courtesy of @beastboisucks on Instagram

If you've never heard of beastboi., allow me to get you acquainted. This kid has been on an absolute tear over the past couple of years and has shown no signs of stopping anytime soon. Prior to the release of his multi-genre NIGHT FEVERZ EP, the North Carolina-based producer graced the Cyberian Stage at Forbidden Kingdom in Orlando, FL back in June. If you're looking for a refreshing take on dubstep/riddim with other genres thrown into the mix, beastboi. is the set for you.

Photos courtesy of @phonon_music and @mad.dubzmusic on Instagram

It's finally here: British riddim wunderkind Mad Dubz is making his U.S. debut at Summoning of the Eclipse alongside the multi-talented Phonon. This will be Phonon's second go-round at The Caverns, following a massive B2B with Oolacile at last year's Summoning. Mad Dubz has ingratiated himself with the riddim community over the past few years with bangers like Classic, YEAHHH (with Phonon), and Poppe, his recent collaboration with Automhate. These lads are a force to be reckoned with and will undoubtedly show out once they join forces this October.

Photos courtesy of @djhamro & @blvnkspvce__ on Instagram

Hamro and Blvnkspvce have solidified themselves as two of the riddim underground's most exciting talents for years now, and all their hard work is now coming to fruition with a huge B2B at this year's Summoning. After finally receiving his U.S. visa this year, Hamro has been all over the country playing out heaters such as South Keys and his earth-shattering VIP of Threat Level by Inaktiv. Blvnkspvce has been on a similar upward trajectory since the release of his classic Beepy Boopy Song in 2020, with absolute stinkers like Swag Floopy House 4 and LOSER showing his versatility as a producer. These two might actually bring down the cave ceiling, so take extra care if you're in the vicinity.

Photo courtesy of @justiceandrews on Instagram

As far as come-ups go, Emorfik's has truly been a sight to behold. The young dubstep prodigy has harnessed the combined power of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and dope music to land bookings at festivals such as Lost Lands, Forbidden Kingdom, and now this year's Summoning. Emorfik is no stranger to Summoning Fest, however, as he made an appearance at the pre-party last October. The rising producer has made his name in recent years with scorching tracks like Hurtful Intentions, Try Me, and Mad. His set this year will undoubtedly draw a massive crowd, making for a must-see event. #AngryShitOnly

Image courtesy of YVM3

6. YVM3

Since the project's inception last year, YVM3 has been one of the most mysterious anonymous bass acts in recent memory. Speculation has swirled regarding their true identity, with fans initially assuming that it was a collaborative project between Yakz, Voyd (Svdden Death), and Marauda. Yakz recently refuted these claims on Twitter, leaving fans to speculate even further. The project's music is a transfusion of metal, dubstep, riddim, and self-described "breakdown," which can all be heard on vicious tracks such as deliverance and echoes. Given what we've heard from them so far, missing out on YVM3 in such a special setting would be a huge mistake.

Photo courtesy of @fabeaux on Instagram

7. Zubah

Zubah is one of Atlanta's hardest-working electronic artists, with years of tunes and bookings to show for it. Most will recognize his name from his classic remix of Like Ahh! by Bommer, but Zubah has plenty more where that came from. His bouncy, stompy brand of riddim is stamped all over tracks like Negotiation, STR8 FLEXIN, and Memphis Laser. Zubah's high-energy sets are a must-see for any riddim fan, and his Caverns debut will be no different.

Photos courtesy of @chango_dubz & @photography.bemm on Instagram

8. Chango B2B Stayns

Summoning has had a knack for booking some of the hottest underground riddim artists on their lineups, and this B2B is no different. Chango and Stayns have each been blessing the riddim community for years with some of the hottest plates the scene has to offer. Chango has made his name with dubs like 141 and Squeeze VIP, while Stayns has unleashed tracks like High Knee Tune and Invert Knee. This B2B will undoubtedly bring one of the rowdiest crowds of the entire weekend, so it's a no-brainer for any underground riddim head to experience it in its full glory.

Photo courtesy of @itscaroldubstep on Instagram

9. Carol

Through a sea of masked dubstep acts, Carol is carving their own path with a unique horror-core aesthetic. The Dallas-based producer has plenty of riddim-centric heaters in their arsenal, including a recent collab with spellthief titled Mirror Torture. Carol's look and sound both fit seamlessly with the already spooky vibe of Summoning Fest, so their set will be a must-see for anyone looking for a genuinely terrifying bass music experience.

Image courtesy of Akeos

10. Akeos

Since dropping her debut EP Labyrinth in 2019, Akeos has built one of the most diverse discographies of any name on this lineup. While many of her most popular tracks (i.e. Duel, Toll Gate, G-Notic) can be classified as riddim, the Pennsylvania-based producer has excelled in other genres including house, techno, and drum & bass. This level of versatility is what truly sets Akeos apart from her peers and puts her on this list. If you're looking for something a little different (in the best way possible), Akeos is a set you won't want to miss at The Caverns come October.

Summoning of the Eclipse was a roaring success in its first year, and with another day added on it's looking to be an even crazier weekend the second time around.

Grab a ticket while you can, because they'll move quickly. Happy Summoning!


Bass music news reporter Dylan Cunningham can be found on Instagram and Twitter.

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