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SVDDEN DEATH carves history with 'VOYD II'

Three years after the release of VOYD 1.5, the moose is loose and it is out for blood.

It's been a long time since SVDDEN DEATH has graced us with a new VOYD. The wait is finally over and the product is vicious. Blessed with 13 tracks and five skits, the dark prince of dubstep mercilessly spares no souls with this weapon of an album.

Known for his theatrical performances and massive productions, SVDDEN DEATH has outdone himself in spectacular fashion. This LP goes beyond anyone's wildest expectations.

"I finally got to a point where I felt I was happy with VOYD II; after hundreds of iterations of each song, selecting the right ones," SVDDEN DEATH said. "Curating the proper flow that I thought represented VOYD best, I knew it was time to let the public hear it."

Known internationally for his SVDDEN DEATH and VOYD sets, both are unparalleled in their next-level productions and ability to seize control of the crowd.

SVDDEN DEATH and VOYD sets having graced stages such as Lost Lands, Red Rocks, The Caverns, and soon Ultra, it's safe to say he is in high demand.

There are no words that can fully describe his live performances aside from revolutionary and mind-blowingly insane. Being one of the first dubstep acts to ever levitate above a stage and combine both metal and dubstep, SVDDEN DEATH is a pioneer in the scene unlike any we have seen before.

VOYD II brings excitement and listeners cannot wait to see what SVDDEN DEATH does next. VOYD II is out now on all platforms; be prepared to bask in the otherworldly experience that it creates.


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