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SWTCH brings the grunge with self-titled 'SWTCH' EP on Mersiv's MorFlo Records

A virtual auditory RPG complete with four unique levels, SWTCH hits hard and heavy straight out of the gate with his 'SWITCH' EP. By the end of the EP, listeners will have come to the end of a journey of epic proportions.

Introducing the world to his artistic vision, SWTCH takes no prisoners with this EP. Making his presence known and proving himself as an artist to not be taken lightly, SWTCH takes things to a new level with an EP that allows listeners to travel throughout SWTCH universe.

An immersive experience, the simulation of the EP is present in our ears as we move through the EP. While each track is able to stand alone in its presentation, when listened to in the order it is truly a magnificent experience.

When asked about the inspiration behind the EP and the experience it creates, SWTCH told Dubstep FBI:

“The inspiration for this EP, and project, came from my love of video games. Through a variety of soundscapes and heavy drops, every track is another level in which the listener will experience. Welcome to SWTCH."

With this EP, SWTCH has proven himself as an artist that can hang with the best and brightest in the scene. With his production style combining his love for video games and heavy bass, as he continues to evolve we can only guess at what the next immersive journey he presents to the world will give us.

SWTCH's 'SWTCH' EP is now streaming on all major platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud.


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