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The FBI sat down with the long boy himself, Ubur

From Rave Roids to the Savceboys, he shared the inside details

Over the past six years, Maxwell Hadden (AKA Ubur) has made a name for himself in the bass music scene. His tracks like Milk Argument, Painful Choice and Bad Ludes give listeners a peek inside his wild and humorous mind, while pushing the industry forward in fresh ways.

We sat down with Ubur to talk about how his alias came to be, his creative process and the brain boy in his brand artwork.

His production roots stem nearly six years back, where he would scour YouTube for as much cool music as he could find. After being led into SoundCloud he dived into an underground hole for dubstep.

He started listening to 1,000-follower SoundCloud artists who were pushing out dubstep.

"It got to a point where I was like, 'Hey I could probably do this,' I know where all these YouTube tutorials are. My biggest concern was that I thought they all bought analog equipment - I thought they had synthesizers and these crazy stacks with compressors and saturators. I found out, it's mostly software-based, so I was like hmmm. I could buy a few programs."

We asked him what the heck a Milk Argument even means - he said it doesn't mean anything. Which honestly didn't surprise us.

We asked how he even became "Ubur" - he said it was an "unfortunate accident" that stemmed from his old gamer tag of Ubur Dolphin. He got used to people calling him Ubur and figured it would be a great option for his producing alias.

"Low and behold, the car service popped up, and I thought to myself, 'I'm not changing my name,'" he said. "They don't even have a profitable business model. I'm six years deep, still called Ubur, and this car service is still kicking."

Ubur did hint at a newfound interest in jump-up and drum n bass genres, which he teased in a way that makes us expect we will be seeing more from him in the near future.

There are a lot of crowds who [who only like riddim]," he said. "I'll just play a little bit of it and see if they like it. Hmm maybe a little bit. Try some vegetables, come on."

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