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The Duality of Dubstep: 'Up in Smoke EP' by Bear Grillz on Rude Service Records

Our time machine had coordinates set for both 2014 and 2023 on this one.

Bear Grillz displayed a wonderful dichotomoty of classic dubstep sounds and modern riddim sounds as the past met the present on the Up in Smoke EP, out now on Rude Service Records.

The EP spans four tracks and opened with the melodic dubstep based title track, Up in Smoke with Luxtides. This song and the third song, Smoke Up were reminiscent of Bear Grillz' sounds of yesteryear, particularly Smoke Up.

Smoke Up was the truest to the classic Bear Grillz dubstep sound on the EP. The reggae intro felt very 2012-2015 and the drops of the song felt like a callback to the legendary collab with The Frim, It's F*cking Dubstep. This track is a treat for fans of the sounds of yesteryear in particular, but anyone can and should enjoy it.

The second and fourth tracks, Stun Gun and Riddim Boi show a different side of the producer's repertoire with a more modern and riddim influenced sound to them. Newer fans of Bear Grillz will find this sound more familiar and may lean more towards enjoying these two songs rather than Up in Smoke and Smoke Up.

The EP was the first project since the two part Prismata album and Bear Grillz shared a little bit about why he was excited about the project.

So excited to release my first project since the Prismata Album. I always try to mix a little reggae and melodic things with the heavy tunes, Bear Grillz said. I feel like this is just another extension of what I have been doing for a long time. I hope you enjoy!

We will have this project on repeat until further notice. We suggest further investigations.


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