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Vastive spices it up with self-released scorcher, '[MIS]UNDERSTOOD'

One of the hottest upcoming names in dubstep is making a statement.

Vastive, also known as The Bully on the Block, has already made quite a statement in 2021. In his first self-release of the year, [MIS]UNDERSTOOD just bursted in to speakers on all platforms today.

Having already released tracks on Subsidia, Space Yacht and Emengy Records, Vastive has consistently has had his tracks rinsed out by several dubstep influencers (Excision, most notably). The Virginia-based producer also won the Kompany Splice Pack Kompetition earlier this year.

No genre of edm is off limits for Vastive, who has released tracks ranging from DnB to dubstep and everything in between. His tunes are known for their energy and power, and with roots as the lead singer in a metal band, he is no stranger to going hard or providing his own vocals. Both in the studio and on the decks, his electric energy shines through and grips one by the heart.

With melodic elements and a more peaceful tone throughout the build up, [MIS]UNDERSTOOD cranks the energy and bass to the next level at the drop, with a beat that had us bouncing along with rhythm amidst chaos.

Vastive said [MIS]UNDERSTOOD is important because it represents the moment when he stopped caring about the opinions of others and truly began to create in the manner that was true to his heart.

"[MIS]UNDERSTOOD isn’t just a banger or a drop to me, it’s a reflection of the unseen and a reflection of who I am as an artist in that moment of creative freedom," Vastive said.

With so much more on the horizon for Vastive, we at Dubstep FBI are excited to see where his career takes him, as he clearly has shown that for him the sky is the limit.

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