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VRG releases heavy hitter 'Hysteria' on Most Addictive

The young legend continues to carve fresh futures in the realm of dark, aggressive trap music.

After a long-awaited year, VRG just dropped his highly anticipated track, Hysteria, on Most Addictive. This track emerged during the peak of the pandemic while the whole world was going through mass hysteria, hence the title name.

“I wanted to create something that was super heavy & crazy while keeping it bouncy and fun,” says VRG. After going through at least ten renders of this song, this finished product has heads bouncing into the fall season.

Having started off 2021 strong with a release on Emengy, followed by several releases on Subsidia Records, this young legend continues to showcase the future of trap music.

Several of his tracks and collabs were dropped at Lost Lands this year, and he's even sitting on an ID with Blvk Sheep that's been on our Watch List all year long.

Danny chatted with us about what we can expect for the rest of the year and his experience working with Most Addictive.

“The artwork heavily represents the song in regard that it gives off an aggressive, dark and fierce tone to it to match the record,” said VRG. “Big thanks to Most Addictive & their team for giving me a platform to share my music on, and I appreciate them for all of their hard work in pushing this song out with the quality of promotion that it deserves!”

We are expecting VRG to drop several new releases and a couple of surprises later this year.

He also expressed a ton of excitement for his upcoming set at EDC Orlando in November, which the FBI will not be missing. He and Rated R threw down a back-to-back art cart set at EDC Orlando in 2019, which he said was an epic career moment.

Given the arsenal of original music VRG has been working on, it's clear that this is his time to shine.

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