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WAKE THE F**K UP! New Shadient single 'Wake Up (I'm Home)' dropped on Gud Vibrations

If this track doesn't get you worked up, then I don't know what will.

Shadient is back on Gud Vibrations with Wake Up (I'm Home), his first release of the year. This track is also the first single off his upcoming EP titled HE IS HERE.

Shadient has pulled up with high energy as usual. After the first vocal line that says "I'm entering your home", this track starts off with a little bit of bass house. Wake Up (I'm Home) should get your head bumping from the get-go, and also maybe stir up some intrusive thoughts.

From here, the track breaks down for a second. The drums drop out and we're left with a hypnotizing melody to entice the anticipation. It then builds back up to a daunting chant "WAKE THE F**CK UP" before dropping into what can only be described as a dry-wall-punching type beat.

"This song originally started as me trying to recreate the sound of an A10 Warthog cannon," Shadient explained.

Don't know what that is? Let me show you.

The A10 Warthog is an attack aircraft developed to serve in a few different U.S conflicts, and this song definitely encapsulates that same chaotic energy.

As he's been aiming for sounds that are violent and abrasive, Shadient really hit the nail on the head with this trap and dubstep infused banger. "I think it's good to have some music that sounds like the middle finger," he says.

Hailing from London, Shadient has been cooking up heaters for a while now. Get Wicked, his collaboration with Wavedash, took the trap scene by storm in 2019 and is still an anthem years later.

Fast forward to 2021, Shadient released his debut album Have You No Burden on NGHTMRE and Slander's label Gud Vibrations. The album included multiple tracks with fknsyd, who's vocals are well recognized in the EDM community on songs produced by Rezz, RL Grime, and more. The two also released their bass house hit Miles of Mind on Gud Vibrations the year before, pretty much trademarking them as a powerhouse duo.

Photo by @donslens

Now, coming in with brute force on Wake Up (I'm Home), Shadient wants us to know he's on the move again. With another EP on the way, it's almost as if he's using this track as a warning for what to expect from him this year.

Lock your doors...because he's coming.

Stream Wake Up (I'm Home) now on all platforms via Gud Vibrations.


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