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Spooky season is upon us with 'Little Comp of Horrors' Vol. 4

Welcome Records brings terrifying bass to their multi-genre comp with 13 ghastly tracks from BADVOID, RZRKT, FREAKY + more.

Welcome Records' Halloween compilation is always a much anticipated release as a result of its star-studded roster and variety of tracks. This year is no different, with tracks from all across the EDM spectrum bringing Halloween scaries to listeners across the globe.

This year, the compilation features 12 tracks from its roster of the next generation of talent, across EDM from dnb to techno to dubstep.

Label boss KAYZO is known for his spooky, throwback artwork styles and the cover art for this year's design is very on-brand.

“Comp of Horrors is a celebration of new talent during my favorite time of year, Halloween," KAYZO said. "I really just like getting spooky and wanted something to show for that with Welcome. Every year, the comp gets better and the talent gets stronger.”

Our agents had the opportunity to chat with a few of the artists on the comp about their tracks.

RZRKT informed us that he actually started F2B over a year ago when experimenting with his style and rhythm.

“I had put the project aside because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to make as a second drop and intro," RZRKT said. "It wasn’t until July that I sat down and told myself that I really wanted to finish it, so I used all the skills I learned from different projects in order to complete this new one.”

Freaky told us THE COME UP was written along the journey to find his signature sound.

“It was literally the first song I wrote back in 2020 while on lockdown from COVID. I titled the song THE COME UP, because of the subtle vocal fills in the drops, and also as a way of motivating myself as an artist. It’s a reminder that the new FREAKY journey has begun!”

High Zombie clued us in about how this epic dnb spin on a pop-punk song came to be.

“When I heard the original of Misfits by Kala, something about his style sparked a flame and I wanted to write a pop-punk styled drum ‘n bass song that blended the genres," High Zombie said. "It was a perfect fit.”


Here is our breakdown of each track on this spellbinding compilation:

Misfits (High Zombie Remix) - Kala, High Zombie - Another drum and bass banger that brings loads of energy tied in with pop-punk vocals from a signature Welcome song.

Alpha - Dr. Ushuu - A heavy riddim track that induces fury and bass faces - Dr. Ushuu coined this "one of my heaviest, best dubstep tracks."

Trip To Mars - Krischvn - A more minimalistic track that gets weird and dirty, we can't help but envision the mysterious, human-like figures seen in photos of the red planet.

Into The Dark - BVLVNCE - That signature rocktronic sound Welcome is known for, with a poppy first drop and a hard-dance second drop.

The Come Up - FREAKY - Perfectly placed vocal samples and powerful sustains make up this tune we've been hearing in FREAKY sets for a year.

F2B -RZRKT - This track's haunting introduction takes no prisoners and nails the coffin on why RZRKT is one of Excision's Bass Music Initiative winners.

NRG - TYPHON - A massive techno track that brings incredible energy as one of the cherries on top of this diverse compilation.

Come Alive - Karty Partyy feat. BVLVNCE - This track abducts us into the mosh pit with vocals that ignite a rage.

The Edge - BADVOID feat. Josh Rubin- A jump-up drum and bass tune with hauntingly beautiful vocals, BADVOID has coined this the "Drum n bass song of the year."

Agni Kai - Crimson Scar - A filthily raucous track with heavy sustains and bass that just might be the most unique song on this selection.

Revenge - PERSONA NON GRATA feat. Qoiet- Dirty drum and bass is the name of the game for this new artist project by Revel, delightfully topped with Qoiet's heavy metal screams.

Dignity - MYR. - A new name we haven't heard before serves up this heavy dubstep track made for headbanging and raging.

As always, Little Comp of Horrors Volume 4 provides listeners with an eclectic variety of incredible tracks sure to satisfy fans of any EDM genre. The selection is unmatched, and it's safe to say that this edition is the best one yet. Each track tells a story, and the compilation overall celebrates the spookier side of the year.

Little Comp of Horrors will be available for streaming on all platforms Friday, October 14:


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