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Who is PYKE? A new, anonymous riddim artist has emerged

Just one week into the project's debut, clips have been released with VOYD, SweetTooth, Spass & more.

Given the many eyes and ears added to our agency recently, we are always on the lookout for ways to satiate our unquenchable thirst for the scene's freshest riddim.

It wasn't until Tuesday that our interest was piqued on Twitter.

We suddenly saw posts from across the bass music community referencing an artist named "PYKE." Artists and fans were speculating, questioning and even dropping jokes.

And while there has been a significant buzz surrounding masked artists as of late, PYKE has no mask. They have no identity. Just a SoundCloud account and some clips.

So, that begs the question, who is PYKE and what are they doing? Why did they emerge out of nowhere? How come they are randomly releasing clips with some of the biggest artists in the scene?

As your lead FBI agent, it's my duty to dig deep. I've been uncovering details all week regarding the secret identity of PYKE. And while my answers are not definite, I do have clues.

Wednesday, November 1 was the date of PYKE's first release called ZIPPER. It's a 1-minute-8-second clip that was posted on SoundCloud.

The clip was quickly followed up the next day by a tune called LOADED, yet another 1-minute-1-second clip with little-to-no explanation. That same day, they dropped three other clips: SALT, WORM (with Tuuhru) and SWAMP (with Aerin, another artist whose identity we have no clue).

Again and again, day after day, PYKE has proven consistent. They appear to be stirring the pot with cryptic comments like, "I am Batman", all which are isolated to Twitter.

Just Tuesday of this week, PYKE's biggest collab was suddenly dropped like a nuclear bomb on the riddim community. As of the time of publishing, SHOPLIFTING with VOYD had already gained 7,610 streams and over 153 comments. Something that's quite remarkable for such a young project.

On Wednesday, an unexpected clip with SweetTooth was liberated. It's called BUSTER BUT WITH A C. No one knows what that means, but people have been streaming the sh*t out of it in the last 24 hours.

So, given all of this information, we are begging the question: Who is PYKE? Why are they anonymous? What connections do they have? What can we expect next?

If you have clues or information regarding the identity or whereabouts of PYKE, please contact me directly via Instagram DMs. This investigation will remain ongoing.


Dubstep FBI CEO & Co-Founder ccmichelle can be found on socials.

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