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Who's up slangin' their dogs?

Slang Dogs unleash an EP displaying a more infrequently heard territory of their sound

Cover art by @hnd.drwn

Slang Dogs just self released their new EP titled Wake of Endal. This release shifts the light to their softer, more emotional side. It really is an exemplification of just how versatile these two producers are.

The two Northern California-based producers have been making their presence in the bass music scene apparent with their dark, abrasive sounds. Their mysterious but powerful demeanor and heavy hitting discography have landed them shows alongside bass legends like Peekaboo and Buku.

In Wake if Endal, we are enlightened to a new, but equally as impressive side of Slang Dogs. This EP consists of three tracks that are very much still their sound, but encapsulate the feelings and emotions found on the complete opposite end of the spectrum compared to their previous releases.

"We never wanted to box ourselves in, and this EP really challenged us creatively and technically as artists," Slang Dogs said. We thought, how do we showcase this more mellow side of us while still maintaining the motifs people know us for? We are proud to say that these three tracks are the perfect blend of our sounds."

Centered around a theme of healing and growth, Wake of Endal represents the story of "The Tria Coven".

The Tria Coven is described as a trio of forest sirens, nymphs or witches assisting in the healing of the land and consoling the survivors of war. They seek to build a new society governed by the Apostoles.

Walk Through the Wildwood starts off the story. This song speaks for a period of time long after a war deemed the Battle of Midhaven. The lands are amidst recovery. Following the downfall of the Hierarchs, the Apostoles work to rebuild their society. One of the coven sisters walk through the Wildwood forest to restore its natural magic. With a feminine vocal element and a mystical bounce to it, this song will put you in the sister's shoes themselves.

Walk Through the Wildwood (left), Incendiary Rite (center), Arkane Basilica (right). Cover art by @hnd.drwn

Incendiary Rite represents a effigy burning ceremony held to nurture new connections with chaos and violence through fire, as many people were left traumatized following the war. The song starts off with the continuing feminine vocal, and evidently has a more fiery feel to it than the previous track. The coven chants to comfort the people in knowing that their new life will be peaceful, and that they can leave their old feelings behind.

The final song, Arkane Basilica, tells us about the final step to the Apostoles' rule. The coven erects the Arkane Basilica where Midhaven once stood. This new hub for the natives is more organic than the previous manufactured structure. It is the landmark of a new beginning for an age filled with peace, healing and safety. Still utilizing the feminine vocals, this final song has a calming and optimistic energy to it that perfectly concludes the story.

Not only did Slang Dogs and cover/merch artist Hnddrwn (Daniil) reveal a whole new side of the Slang Dogs project, they also created and told a complete narrative through music and art. Each track is so intricate, allowing the story to speak for itself. Wake of Endal was elegantly crafted to reflect this story as well as new transitions in the lives of these artists.

Slang Dogs have proven themselves once again as impossible to categorize. Their versatility shines with this project, and we can expect to see even more barrier-breaking moves from them in the future.

Be sure to catch the dogs live at a show near you soon, and keep an eye out for new merch incoming.

Stream Wake of Endal now on all platforms!


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