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Wubaholics Presents 'A Nightmare on Wub Street Vol. 04'

This year features a hair-raising selection of 12 tracks from 15 different artists

A Nightmare on Wub Street Vol. 4

When Halloween creeps around the corner, what's better than getting into the spooky spirit with some bone-rattling bass music? Wubaholics, the Florida-based record label, is here to satisfy your dark desires with their 4th Annual Halloween Compilation, 'A Nightmare on Wub Street.'

This time, they've summoned a ghoulish lineup of 15 talented artists, each contributing to the perfect soundtrack for your dark and dubby Halloween adventures.

Wubaholics didn't just hit the ground running; they sprinted into the Halloween season by releasing one track per day from October 16th to the 31st.

It's like a musical countdown to the spookiest night of the year, and it's got us all in a bass-induced trance.

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Full tracklist:

  1. UGLY LUNGS kicks things off with '666 WAYS', setting the eerie tone.

  2. Don Jamal follows with 'Sorye Ge Ton', a track that'll send shivers down your spine.

  3. Medicine Place & MixedMind drop 'Hazard Sound', a dose of bass medicine for your Halloween vibes.

  4. austinspace takes us into the 'Tiger Backwoods', a bass-infused jungle of sound.

  5. Noetika serves up some 'CHUNKY PLUNKY' for those who like it heavy.

  6. OZZTIN takes us into the 'GRIME' with no apologies.

  7. Koya invites you to 'Catch Me' if you dare.

  8. JuJu Beats offers a taste of 'Slime' that's oozing with bass goodness.

  9. 2TD is no 'fools' when it comes to dishing out experimental bass.

  10. ANODIC & TACTIX take us into 'CHAOS THEORY', where organized chaos reigns.

  11. Xenotype unveils 'Slaughter', a nightmare that'll keep you on the edge.

  12. INNOCENT wraps things up with 'Rocket VIP' (Ft. Grim Sickers), a fitting grand finale.

Wubaholics explained:

"Our goal this year was to solely focus on submissions versus outreach like we’ve done in years past. We really wanted to highlight those smaller acts in the underground who deserve to have their music heard by a wider audience,"

Their aim was crystal clear: to spotlight the hidden gems of the underground music scene, giving smaller acts the platform they deserve. And that is why we love and respect all that they're doing for our scene.

Some standout artists on this comp that we've been keeping an eye on as of late are Ugly Lungs, Don Jamal, Koya, and Xenotype to name a few.

Starting off A Nightmare on Wub Street Vol. 4 was Mexico-based dubstep aficionados, Ugly Lungs, with 666 WAYS. This track sent us into a whole other dimension, prompting us to open up a case file for the compilation.

"Our main focus was on giving the tune a spooky/dark vibe using many distorted basses and big trap drums and nothing more," said Ugly Lungs. "We finished 666 WAYS in only one day and the result was very satisfactory for us, was a very fun one to do."
666 WAYS by Ugly Lungs, out now on A Nightmare on Wub Street Vol. 4

As the days progressed and more tracks were unveiled from Don Jamal, austinspace, Noetika, and others, another artist on our radar unveiled a spooky tune perfectly suited for the Halloween vibes — Catch Me by Koya.

"When I started working on Catch Me I thought that sustaining the bass could give you a spookier and more aggressive feeling," said Koya. "I wanted to make a Halloween vibe song that is dark and spooky but at the same time, a club-banger that gets you hyped."

Koya - Catch Me

Now that the full comp is revealed, you already know the drill — be sure to follow all of the talented artists featured on this comp and put it on full blast.


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