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Xavi concludes season 3 of Riot Control Radio with a melancholic mix

St. Louis-based producer enjoys his sad with a heaping side of happy

To conclude season 3 of Riot Control Radio, Xavi took his own approach and channeled uplifting messages and melodic notes in his guest mix. His ability to combine a variety of EDM sub-genres, while also make an emotional connection with his listeners, reinforces his place on the FBI's Most Wanted List.

Make sure you have a tissue box handy when you stream this mix!

Having played as direct support for the likes of Seven Lions, San Holo, Porter Robinson, and Luca Lush has us all on edge, waiting to see what more Xavi has in store as the world opens back up.

"I enjoy staying in the realm of melancholic," Xavi said. "I find my favorite aspect of musical tone to dwell on are the emotions that are not fully black and white, I enjoy my sad with a heaping side of happy and vice versa."

Xavi’s reach is quickly expanding after several releases on Ophelia Records and an official remix of Seven Lions and Last Heroes track Don't Wanna Fall featuring HALIENE. He recently released a full-length, 10-track album To The Endless Searing Skies on Ophelia as well.

When we sat down with Xavi, he mentioned that he has a high interest in motorsports and used to work for a Formula Four team. He said, "If I 'make it' and make a lot of money, expect to see some really oddball and obscure stuff lining up in my garage."

He hinted at a major rest of the year, and while he couldn't spill any details, we have a hunch we will be seeing him on large stages in several cities across America in the near future.

Xavi has united various communities together and is emerging as a leader in the emotional subgenre of electronic dance music. We are excited to have him on the decks to close out season 3 of Riot Control Radio.

Peep the full mix and track list below:

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