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Investigating Adventure Club & Jessica Audiffred’s Melodic Bass Anthem 'You Found Me' on Monstercat

Adventure Club and Jessica Audiffred team up with Clara Park for both artists' first original release of 2023 on Monstercat

Grammy-nominated duo Adventure Club and Mexico’s female powerhouse Jessica Audiffred kick off their 2023 releases with a smash hit on Monstercat that is both a nod to future bass and dubstep.

Listeners are treated to melodic vocal chops and a glistening uplifting melody, with catchy lyrics that listeners won’t be able to get out of their minds such as the oft-repeated, “Pull me under, lift the covers. I’m so happy you found me.”

Almost immediately listeners are introduced to fat layers of bass and ethereal vocals from Clara Park. This new release is a mix of the classic swirling melodies we have grown to love from the Canadian dubstep forefathers Adventure Club, combined with Jessica Audiffred's mesmerizing bass design.

“Working with Adventure Club has been so easy and organic. We finished the song so fast and I feel like you can definitely feel both of our styles being combined here,” said Audiffred.

The lyrics reflect Clara Park’s unique story-telling ability and her vocals on the track are fluid and expressive. The drop is nothing short of spectacular, with huge sub layering certainly influenced and engineered by Audiffred. The song also features a massive angelic bass design on the breakdown.

Somewhat of a departure from the typical heart-pumping songs of Audiffred’s past, this collaboration shows her musical development into a multi-faceted artist capable of expanding the boundaries of her craft.

The two artists seemed to gel right from the start.

"We love watching new artists come into the scene and seeing their journey. So many of them really provide so much value to the scene by pushing it forward and making sure it stays alive. It’s always refreshing to see someone as talented as Jessica get recognition, with reason of course. She really is a blessing to the scene. Sometimes, all it takes is a tweet and great friendship is started," Adventure Club added.

With the words “Happy You Found Me” tattooed all over the song, listeners won't be forgetting this heartfelt anthem that is sure to be a classic at major music festivals around the globe.


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