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Bassrush brings nasty wubs with 'The Prophecy' Vol. 6

With 11 tracks from 18 artists, the latest Insomniac compilation satiates cravings for incredible dance music.

Ever the pioneer in all things bass, Bassrush has come forth with their next big release: The Prophecy Volume 6.

The roster of artists on this compilation includes Hydraulix, BLVK SHEEP, PIERCE, OG Nixin, Heimanu, Chassi and many more. With five previous iterations of The Prophecy, there was a high bar for the release to live up to, and very well may have surpassed the level that the previous volumes presented.

Bassrush - The Prophecy: Volume 6 track list:

  • DISTORTO - OddKidOut

  • Empty The Clip - Skellytn, Doctor Werewolf, Richie Loop

  • Melting Bismuth - Notaker

  • Slumber - Heimanu

  • DubWub - Volt, PIERCE

  • Brain Damage - Hydraulix, SUAHN

  • Still Bussin - OG Nixin, Duck Beats

  • INTERRUPT! - Blvk Sheep

  • Bust Like - Stoned LeveL

  • Awakening - Chassi

  • Comethru - jordnmoody, Deafadil

Several of these tracks have been long-awaited, specifically Stoned Level's Bust Like, which features his signature production and styles.

Dubstep FBI was able to take several artists into custody to get their thoughts about their tracks, and the process behind them.

When questioned, Hydraulix had this to say about his new track Brain Damage with SUAHN:

"Me and SUAHN have been sitting on this one for some time now. Just waiting for the right moment to drop it, when the opportunity came up to put it out with Bassrush we were beyond excited. This one is a deep sub rattler of a tune and we both hope everyone really enjoys it!" - Hydraulix.

While all 11 songs on the compilation have left our mouths watering, the track by Blvk Sheep, INTERRUPT!, stood out.

"INTERRUPT! is a hard-hitting tune I made for playing out at live shows and has always got a crazy good reaction and I am super stoked that Bassrush was open to releasing it!" Blvk Sheep said.

Several of the artists are no strangers to Insomniac and Bassrush. PIERCE is no exception - we interrogated him regarding DubWub, the wobbly track with Volt:

"Thrilled to finally be releasing this wubby banger and even more thrilled to be returning to Bassrush to do so! Prophecy Vol.6 is a hefty one, make sure you listen to all of these bangers!” PIERCE said.

Bassrush has once again come through with a thicc release that's sure to get listeners moving and grooving. All 11 tracks are streaming on all major platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud.


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