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Blvk Sheep, FOCUSS & JOZIE chillingly channel horror with 'ARRIVAL!'

JOZIE's haunting vocals pair with massive drops and rattled speakers to deliver goosebumps on BASSRUSH.

Containing an amalgamation of sub-genres, the latest single from Blvk Sheep and FOCUSS never lets listeners know its next move. ARRIVAL!, with JOZIE on vocals, was just released on Insomniac's Bassrush imprint.

The alchemy between FOCUSS, BLVK SHEEP and JOZIE is evident even in its smallest details, with everything flowing together as if the notes were dancing among each other.

ARRIVAL! itself was an inevitable collab, with all three artists spending time at Obsidian Studios in Philadelphia before both BLVK SHEEP and JOZIE left the east coast to move to Los Angeles.

Dubstep FBI was able to get the inside scoop on how the Bassrush single came to be.

JOZIE was watching The Lords of Salem one night & got inspired to make a horror movie-like theme song. He hit up FOCUSS to collab and they went into the studio at 5 a.m. the next morning. Once they had a shell of the track, they hit up the homeboy BLVK SHEEP to mix in some of his style and sound.

With both FOCUSS and BLVK SHEEP playing at Lost Lands, there is no doubt that JOZIE will be with them when this song drops at the festival, adding a live element to the track. Experiencing the track at our very own dubstep Disneyland is a treat we have high expectations for.

ARRIVAL! is now streaming on all major platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud.


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