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In a rainbow of sound, Chime returns to Disciple w/ Sharks collab

'Water Elemental' brings the duo together through brilliant melodies and watery bass.

Color bass visionary Chime and rising Disciple star, Sharks, just teamed up on a gem of a track called Water Elemental. The track is an experience, sweeping one up in a cacophony of sound, showcasing water's electronic form.

Following his part in the 44-artist Rushdown Records mega collab remix of We Don't Play- which came in as a runner up in Disciple's Second Biggest Remix Competition of all time, Chime continues to flex his talents this year.

Filled with an eruption of bass, futuristic synth work, and flowing melodies, Water Elemental provides a vision of water taking a defined form, in a majestic fashion.