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Ecraze and Dyno's new song 'Back to Back' on Bad Medic Records lands them on Europe’s Most Wanted List

Ecraze’s unique take on dubstep and sound design really shine through on Back to Back, with huge yois and thick, flowy basslines, this one has the French DJ written all over it. 

Ecraze is one of the most cutting edge producers in the scene and has been a mainstay on the biggest labels in dubstep.

Ecraze, originally from France, is even featured on the legendary Disciple heater “How We Roll” featuring artists like Virtual Riot, Barely Alive, 12th Planet, Modestep, Eliminate, Samplifire, and the rest of the Disciple all-star roster.

Ecraze's latest heater, Back to Back featuring Dyno, is a perfect fit for the newly founded Bad Medic Records.

Bad Medic Records was founded in 2023 by Virus Syndicate, Nika D, and EY3 Media. The label strives to bring together Rap and Bass music to create a unique party vibe.

Bad Medic Records is on a mission to unearth highly contagious Dubstep, Grime, Drum and Bass, Garage and more to the global scene.

Dyno started MCing at the ripe age of 10 years old. Originally from Manchester, UK, Dyno is a natural at throwing down the right bars to get the crowd into it. 

Dyno and Ecraze were a match made in dubstep heaven and the collaboration couldn’t have come out any better.

Ecraze has merged the two genres of music we do. He has found the balance perfectly for us both to do what we do best,” said Dyno. 

Dyno’s lyrics infuse a European vibe directly into the hard, trenchy sounding dubstep that Ecraze can produce so well. 

“We wanted to capture Dyno's vocal creativity and insane flow together with a little treat for those who like to go heavy at shows, and I think this is exactly that,” said Ecraze.

Back to Back is sure to produce some intense feelings of bass and uniquely European moments in dubstep sets all over the world. 

While still only in February, Ecraze has had a strong start to his year.

The French DJ released a demo pack with Graphyt titled Dubstep Bass Volume 1 and was recently featured on the Veggie Friends Remix EP for Infekt

Fans of heavy bass music should expect to see the rise of Ecraze in 2024, and Back to Back is only the beginning.


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