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Enter Nowhere NYE with HOL!, Space Wizard, Drinkurwater, Stoned Level + more Dec. 30 in Orlando

Orlando is proving why it's now the bass capital of the South by solidifying a lineup that is hotter than the oven state itself.

We love ourselves a good New Year's rave. And what makes said New Years rave even better is when it's filled with heavy dubstep and choppy riddim.

Well, that's exactly what our friends at Code: Lockdown, No Sleep Presents and PsyPresents have delivered.

Nowhere NYE will be taking place on Saturday, December 30, at the Majestic Event Center in Orlando, Florida (yeah, that's the same venue that hosted Pandora way back in June).

This time, they've booked heavyweights and FBI alumni like HOL!, Space Wizard, Drinkurwater, Stoned Level, MUERTE and HAMRO. There will even be a two-hour, open-bar pre-party before the event, starting at 7:30 p.m.

Florida Fam: We know your mouths are watering.

The lineup will also feature the winner of a Dubstep FBI-selected, Nowhere NYE Contest (more on that below).



Space Wizard


Stoned Level




Dubstep FBI Contest Winner

Anyone who had the pleasure of attending the Pandora after parties knows how captivating the Majestic Event Center is. The venue features a couple of massive rooms that can host gigantic LED screens and aggressive mosh pits.

One of the promoters, Steven Sinclair of No Sleep Presents, said that he and the team are working to create an immersive experience in the new venue.

"Last year, we held Time Warp NYE at Ace Cafe and loved the energy," Sinclair said. "We sadly found out that Ace Cafe was set to be demolished, but realized out of the ashes, we could create something brand new and exciting and decided to create a more timeless experience with Nowhere NYE."

The pre-party is a unique part of the Nowhere NYE experience, making it more cost efficient than other NYE events we've seen. Not only is the bar open during this period, but gives fans the opportunity to start the party earlier.

"MUERTE and HAMRO are phenomenal artists which we think will truly set the tone for our main event while maintaining everyone’s pre-party needs," Sinclair said.


Nowhere NYE Dubstep FBI Contest is now open

Here at Dubstep Filthy Beat Inspectors, it's our mission to seek out and put-on the hottest rising talent in the bass music scene. We are fulfilling that mission today by launching the Nowhere NYE Dubstep FBI Contest for a slot on the pre-party lineup.

You heard that right: One talented winner will be selected to perform at Majestic Event Center on Saturday, December 30 alongside the dubstep legends listed above. Here are the rules:

  • Entries must be submitted by December 11 at midnight to

  • Mixes must be 15 minutes long, featuring all-original music from the artist (yes, that can include remixes and bootlegs).

  • The mix must be submitted via either a SoundCloud, Drive, Dropbox or other link URL.

  • Please include your artist name and hyperlinks to your Spotify & Instagram.

  • Please format the e-mail subject line as follows: "[ARTIST NAME] Nowhere NYE Contest Submission"

Mark your calendars. Call your friends. Get your earplugs. Nowhere NYE is officially under close surveillance by the FBI.


Dubstep FBI CEO & Co-Founder ccmichelle can be found on socials.

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